Sunday, November 23, 2008

Dogs don't want to wear socks

I've been working for awhile now on ways to make my dogs tax-deductible. Primarily, how to give them jobs.

Not that they really cost me so much money that I need to write off the expenses of having dogs-- although I suppose if their jobs required trips to Disneyland, that would be acceptable.

A couple of months ago I came up with a great idea-- use them in my advertising!

It started with an ad in a local paper with a photo of my adorable Parker back when he was only 8 weeks old. Parker is a blue merle Australian Shephard-- which make about the cutest puppies in the world! I put his baby picture in the ad with those plaintiff puppy eyes begging, "If you had my mom do your nails, she could afford to buy me more treats."

How could anyone resist that face?

The ad was well-received and I ended up printing up some business cards with the same "ad" on the back to help drum up referral business.

The Boyfriend thought his dog might be feeling left out. Afterall, if you have two dogs, it's only fair to exploit them both, right?

Enter, Tyler.

Last year my Boyfriend's sister gave birth to her first baby just a week before my best bud gave birth to HER first baby!

All this baby-having happened just in time for the holidays, and I found some really cute baby socks at Target in the crap-for-a-buck-bins which made them just the right price for me to be convinced that new babies wants Christmas socks.

The BF's new neice got hers. Unfortunately, the best friends' new baby had to suffer with whatever footwear her own parents provided for her first Christmas-- as she lives all of 200 miles away and I just never managed to get around to mailing those little socks.

So a few months later I decided to at least SHOW my buddy and her baby that I had been thinking of them. I put a pair of socks on each dog and then took pictures of the dogs wearing the socks.

Parker is all smiles with his fancy blue snowflake socks:

Tyler, however, was extremely skeptical and maybe a tad concerned that I had stopped loving him or was punishing him for something he didn't understand.

Leading Tyler's ad and card to read, "If you had my mom do your nails, she wouldn't have time to make me wear socks." With a subtitle of "please help, dogs don't want to wear socks."

Which, of course, turns out to only be true of one dog.

The imporant thing is that I managed to employ my dogs. At least now I can write those socks off my taxes. :)