Tuesday, August 29, 2017

A New Name for the Blog

Don't worry, if you have this page bookmarked the address won't be changing. Which means you can always find me at "a fish with a bicycle" -- unless I change my webhost one day and I just don't foresee a need to do that.

But the official blog name is now


Add a .com to the end of that and you'll end up here.

Now why the fuck would I name my blog some cockamamie word that no one even knows like "MAUNDER" anything?!

Well-- quick vocab lesson for y'all:
  1. talk in a rambling manner.
    "Dennis maundered on about the wine"
    synonyms:ramble, prattle, blather, rattle, chatter, jabber, babble; More
    • move or act in a dreamy or idle manner.
      "he maunders through the bank, composing his thoughts"
      synonyms:wander, drift, meander, amble, putter
      "she maundered across the road"
So....sound like anyone you know?
I love words, and when I found one that fit both my tendency to yatter on and my tendency to wander? How could I not use it?!
So there you go, you learned a new word, and the blog gets a new name! (But I'm keeping the fish-- he's just too cute!)

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