Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Yes, I Work for a Living!

Another hard day at the office
I did nails for 25 years. I was good at it. Really good. No...better than that...really really good.

I took my first career very seriously.

I was not your average nail lady.

I thought I'd be doing nails till they pried my file from my cold, dead hand but it turned out that's not what was in the cards for me.

So I retired at the end of March, 2017. I closed my salon, packed my glitter, and moved away.

Doing nails is not the sort of job you just pack into a box and take on the road. It takes time and dedication to relocate and establish a new clientele.

I decided I didn't want to do it again.

I started self publishing as an indie author in 2014. I've already written about that journey and you can find those posts here and here.

By the time I decided to move, I was making enough money off of writing to pay my bills. So I decided to take a huge risk and make self publishing my full time career.

Now I can indulge my night-owl nature as well as my nomadic dreams (catching up on 25 years of vacations I never took!)

Have laptop, will travel. Just watch.

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