Tuesday, October 3, 2017

A Fish with a Bicycle

updated 10/2/17

I love that saying. I am absolutely tickled by the concept of fish with bicycles. And I need another blog like a fish needs a bicycle.

Blogs are a lot like bicycles for fish. But people love them. People love reading them, and people love writing them. Makes me wonder if my fish would like a bicycle? Afterall, humans love having stuff they don't need, maybe fish do too.

This blog was originally named "A Fish With a Bicycle" because, at the time I started it, I was also blogging on Myspace (Yeah, that long ago,) my professional website (Art of Nailz,) and for Nails Magazine. (I used to do nails. I did nails for a really long time. Nails was my life.)

All these years later I'm down to just the one blog now and I call it "Maundertudes" but you'll notice "afishwithabicycle" is still the actual web address.

I'm just saying-- Don't Panic! It's the same blog by the same person and I still need a blog like a fish needs a bicycle.



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