Tuesday, October 3, 2017

If There's a Rock and Roll Heaven...

2016 sucked. I mean, pretty much from the word "go" we started losing people who meant something to the world.

From David Bowie to George Michael-- and I apologize sincerely for skipping over those who went before and after those two names.

In the realm of celebrity losses, my big two were Guy Clark and Leonard Cohen.

Let's not forget the Boyfriend, of course. And I knew a lot of people in my personal life who lost loved ones as well.

For the most part, 2017 has been going along as much like a normal year as it can considering what a time of monumental chaos it has been for me on a personal level.

Till today...and by "today" I mean yesterday because I'm nocturnal and it's still October 2nd on my internal calendar.

It was only 2 days ago (Sunday, Oct 1) that, while discussing my musical tastes with someone, I referred to Tom Petty as my spirit animal.

Waking up (yes, at 2 in the afternoon) to the news that Tom Petty may or may not have been dead was not OK with me.

Finding the official announcement that he'd passed away later in the day leaves me....a little more lost on this rock we're all riding through space than the death of a complete stranger ought to, really.

It's just that a significant number of the songs on the Soundtrack to Maggie's Life are Tom Petty songs, and it's hard to accept that there won't be more where those came from now.

Road trips are going to feel a little more lonely somehow, but it won't stop me from running down my own dream.

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