The Old Profile

My Favorite Selfie
Obviously this introduction is out of date now, but it has good info on what life was like for awhile and I didn't want to just delete it.

So-- the following refers to life from approximately May of 2010-July of 2016:


Hello, and welcome to my blog.

My name is Maggie, but depending on where you know me from, you might also recognize "Onykophile" (if you're from the professional nail industry,) "Shesaid" (if you're from ADVrider or Pashnit,) "Miss Adventure" (if you're from Two Wheel Females,) or "Tipsy Wombat" (if you're from the TW forums.)

Yeah. That's way too many different handles and way too many different online communities to keep track of. Maybe you're beginning to understand why the blog is called "A fish with a bicycle?"

I'm a pretty average, middle aged, white lady living in the middle of California.

I do nails for a living. I absolutely love my work and I'm pretty defensive about it; there are a lot of lousy examples in the salon biz-- but there are a lot of lousy examples in the medical profession and politics too, I'm not your average nail lady.

on the trail in Sequoia Nat'l Park
No, I don't think my job is glamorous or important in the overall scheme of things-- but I look forward to going back to work on Monday and if I win the lottery, I won't quit my job, which is more than I can say for most of the people I know who have "real" jobs that get more respect.

In 2015 a good friend dragged me into the world of self published fiction. It turned out to be a lot of fun and I've ended up splitting my time between writing and doing nails. Which has provided a good balance of my time since the writing is 100% portable an allows for more adventure!

I still identify myself as a backpacker, even though I do far less of it than I did in my 30's. I'm all into the ultralight thing, with a gear closet full of 2 pound tarptents and 15 oz backpacks. But somehow, I can never get my total weight under 20 pounds in the real world.

I live with my boyfriend-- and I insist on calling him the Boyfriend even though I'm in my 40s now. I have no plans to marry him, but I do plan to keep him forever-- well, most of the time I plan to keep him forever. He does make me crazy.

The day we brought the canoe  home
We have two dogs. We do not have kids. Our dogs are our kids.

We have a canoe.

And now we have motorcycles.

I bake stuff and I garden.

The blog is just a place where all these stories get told for the entertainment of the people who know me or for anyone who happens to wander by and finds it interesting.

Someday I hope to find a good balance between career and time off... then I'm gonna make the BF ride to Alaska with me on the bikes!

the BF on his DR650, me on the "Tipsy Wombat," TW200

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