Who Is This Maggie Person?

Just another hard day at the office.

I promise to fill this out in depth eventually. For the time being, here are the basic updates to what's changed since my "old profile:"

As of August 2017, I'm in the process of getting back to minding the blog.

Seeing as how I've ignored it for a year-- that's a long process.

I know how difficult it can be to catch up on a blog. Old posts fall into obscurity and, all too often, the blogger fails to keep up with tags that might be helpful.

With that in mind, let me try to hit the finer points that are sure to become easy to miss as time goes on:
  1. The Boyfriend passed way suddenly and unexpectedly on July 8, 2016 from a heart condition no one suspected he had. (Dilated cardio arrhythmia.) He was 40 years old. The post is here. The tag I use when I remember to tag posts about him since he died is "Dead BF."
  2. I lost my Australian Shepard in January, 2017 at the age of 12--exactly 6 months after the BF. Parker had been on insulin for diabetes for 7 years.
  3. I held it together for several months before about a thousand factors led me to the decision to embrace the existential crisis and take one of those Zen leaps of faith:
  4. I took my bestie up on her standing offer to rent the guesthouse at her cabin in South Lake Tahoe.
  5. I said tearful goodbyes to my clients and the people who rented neighboring office space by my salon who are-- by far-- some of the most important people in my life (as it turns out and I miss them dearly,) and I retired from a 25 year career in the professional onychological enhancement industry. (That means I did nails for a long time.)
  6. The BF's dog and I packed the U-haul and started over in 198 square feet of living space just off highway 50 in the Sierra Nevada mountains.
  7. Remember when I said I'd started self publishing? That's how I pay my bills now. I took a HUGE pay cut when I closed my salon (I was not your average nail lady) and took a HUGE risk by going full time with self publishing much earlier than I was really ready to. I am still living by the skin of my teeth.
  8. You won't find me hanging out on the motorcycle forums much these days as I don't currently have a motorcycle. Hopefully that won't be a permanent situation.
  9. Life is 100% different but a lot like it was before the Boyfriend became the Boyfriend.
  10. Dog and I are doing fine and most days Life is Good.

Camped in Seneca, OR for the solar eclipse
Dog needs to learn how to do selfies.

Little by little, you'll get to join in the adventures:
Dog and I plan to take a lot more road trips.
We're going to stop at every shoe tree we find and other assorted oddities along the road.
We're going to stop for as many bathroom breaks as we want, take as many pictures as we want, visit friends, eat junk food, go through fast food drive thru windows, and all the other things we gave up or avoided in the name of "compromising for those we love."

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  1. Bryson, any maundering in the works?