Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Keeping up

Keeping up with everything has really been rough lately. I suppose this is what grown-ups have against being a grown-up.
Frankly, I'll take being grown-up. I love that no one is "responsible" for me now. I don't have to "mind" anyone and when I screw up it's all on me and I don't have to worry about my mom catching flack for not raising me right. That was a big issue when I was younger. Probably because my mom got divorced when I was little and never remarried-- there were fewer single moms in the days when my own was blazing that trail, so every time I did anything that didn't meet with someone's approval it was somehow Mom's fault.
I've always hated that. I'm really big on accountability. I'll take the blame for what's my fault, but I also expect credit when it's due and I expect others to take the blame that belongs to them; I'm nobody's scape-goat.

So growing up has been swell overall in that respect.

It's also awesome that I can choose my own schedule. In my case, I chose a career in the salon industry as a nail enhancement professional (Onychological Enhancement Specialist, thank you. I like to use that euphemism when I'm in pretentious company that looks down on my being "just a nail lady." Throwing that out there and smiling sweetly is my way of saying, "Oh yeah, and how's your Latin?") which has afforded me the opportunity to set my schedule. Which means I don't have to be at work before noon if I don't want to.

Throughout my life people have assured me that as I age, I would become more and more tolerant of earlier hours. Well, I guess that's been true: if you consider that I am now willing (willing, mind you, is not exactly the same as "happy") to start my day at 10 a.m. instead of noon.

Honestly, that's a compromise on my part that allows me to work 4 days a week instead of 5. I really liked going to work at noon.

I've never been a morning person. My mom used to break down in tears because it was so hard to get me out of bed in the morning in time for school. Her logic? If I couldn't get up in time for school, how would I ever be able to hold a job?

Unfortunately for Mom, one of my uncles had been working the graveyard shift throughout my entire life. This meant that I was fully aware that the world did not close down and roll itself up between the hours of 5 p.m and 8 a.m.-- also, parents sometime under estimate the motivation of getting paid, which school did not offer.

Also. I like that I can start drinking Pepsi as soon as I get up. No one is hovering over me telling me that Pepsi and chocolate chip cookies are not appropriate breakfast foods. If I want to snack between meals, I can. If I am in the store and I want to buy a candy bar, I can.

I can drive. I make my own money. I can dye my hair pink. I can date who I want. I can choose my friends. I can go to R rated movies. I can stay up past my bedtime. And I can leave the house dressed however I want.

I enjoy the rewards-- and suffer the consequences-- of each of these decisions.

Overall, being a grown up is pretty freakin great.

The downside is that there's never enough time.

Forget about the money. Let's face it, you didn't have "enough" money when you were 8, or 15, or 25, 0r 50. I'm sure there are times when Bill Gates thinks HE doesn't have "enough" money. No, I don't have enough money: but enough for what? I mean, the bills get paid, I still manage to go out to dinner, I manage to buy a new outfit now and then and I'm running the air conditioning right now even though I know that will mean the next electric bill will be double what it was last month.

The problem is Time. I never seem to have enough time anymore.

My time gets sucked up with work and Boyfriend and dogs. All of which I truly love and am not willing to give up. MAYBE if I won the lottery, I'd cut back on work, maybe. I really like my work though. I like my work so much, in fact, that I dedicate far more time to it than it requires.

I could just go to the salon each day, do nails, collect money, come home and use that money to buy more dog toys. But I'm not content to just do nails for a living. I want to do the best nails. I want to know everything about nails. I want to talk to other people who do nails. I want to teach other people to do nails. Nails is not just my work, it's my passion.

Passions are extremely demanding on one's time.

As are boyfriends, btw.

So I have somehow managed to commit myself to a great many undertakings that I never seem to be able to keep up with.

When I got the internet I joined an online community for nail professionals. Which I remain active in. I also built a website for my business-- which doesn't get updated as often as it could, but it also doesn't need updating very often, so I guess it has found it's own pace.

It took YEARS before I got talked into creating a Myspace account. Once I did, I have to admit I enjoy it. But talk about something you need to keep updated! I try to log in about once a week, and everytime I do I have 4 pages of friend requests waiting for me.

Then I got talked into the Facebook page, and as far as Twittering-- I just went ahead and did it instead of waiting for everyone I know to start first and then bug me till I do it too.

And then there's this blog. Which I really thought was going to end up being the place where I came to muse and maunder on a regular basis.

Then I started blogging for Nails Magazine. Which is, to date, the brightest feather in my cap. But it's a professional gig. I have deadlines and-- can you believe?!-- a maximum length! Which makes it easy enough to sit down for a few minutes every couple of days and type up a little something of interest, but really limits my ranting!

Anyway, I don't get much opportunity to just sit down in front of the computer and start going off. Especially since once I get started, I never know how long it'll take before I'm done.

Oh yeah... I also started an email newsletter. Which I promised I'd send out at least once every other month. I'm a month behind. Frankly, I'm not sure what to put in it.

And I haven't even picked a PCT hiker journal to follow this season! EEGADS! I am falling behind!