Friday, June 26, 2009

Live Long and Prosper-- or Don't

It would seem that I am part of some sort of minority-- I prefer the term "Trekker." Despite the apparent name-calling and finger-pointing behind the controversy, quite frankly, I just perfer to think of myself as "one who treks, not one who is trekked upon."

The whole silliness wouldn't be an issue at all if I hadn't sat down and watched 5 movies in a row (there were only 5 at the time) back in the extremely early 90's. Let me tell ya, if 10 hours of Star Trek doesn't brain wash you, nothing will!

At some point, the portion of the fan-base that calls itself "Trekkers" came to my attention-- but possibly after the "X-philes" debate, or it probably wouldn't have made any type of impression. Who knows?

But it seemed perfectly reasonable that fans of Star Trek should be "TrekkERS" -- per my aforementioned "one who Treks, not one who is Trekked upon" interpretation.


I never really bothered to sit down and decide if The Sneetches with Stars had jobs and "lives" while the Sneetches with no Stars Upon Thars lived in their mothers' basements. Or vice verse. Now, of course, the Internet has come to town (and my mother's basement, as it were) and with a few simple clicks I can research millions of peoples' thoughts on the subject; with everyone arguing back and forth about what's correct or not. (BTW: a sad point against the late-- and great-- Mr. Roddenberry... one creates a mythos, one does not create its fans. Fandom is a happy consequence of one's creation.) Quite frankly, it never occurred to me that the fans themselves were busy making fun of eachother.

Wait. I take that back. [cough cough] But, all things considered, I thought we all knew we were making fun of ourselves as well.

No. This Trek-chick has not managed to see the new movie yet. It is a subject of great soreness and I don't want to discuss it. Yes, of all the people you know, I am the one most likely to have been camped outside the theater by 5 o'clock on Thursday evening wearing my Starfleet uniform waiting for the midnight showing. Alas, I was not. So maybe not a Trekker afterall? Or not a Trekkie? I can't even keep it all straight anymore!

Nevertheless, it would seem that a surprising number of seemingly normal people in my life not only beat me to the movies, but have willingly revealed themselves to me as "Trekkies."

To which I have scoffed. Being my official position that true fans would consider themselves "Trekkers." And so it is that with my preciously minimal free time I find myself scouring the internet today, searching for the One True Answer.

Which everyone knows is 42. Which goes to show, I don't really care what you call yourselves, I have much bigger Geek Banners to fly.

But for Trek, it looks like I'm out-voted. [shrug] Go figure.

So, for the record: I still consider myself a Trekker. Not because I claim to have "a life" or have any better grasp on this thing called "Reality" or because I think "Trekkies" are a lower life form or predisposed to being any sillier than myself.

I simply think the definition "One who Treks, not one who is Trekked upon" should stand as a monument to the whole concept of the Star Trek culture-- the Prime Directive-- and Life the Universe and Everything...

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