Sunday, September 16, 2012

Stupid Yellow T-Shirts

Two years ago, we successfully survived the first BIG FAMILY DISNEYLAND OUTING, consisting of the BF's family, the BF's brother-in-law's family, some close friends of the BF's family and possible some extra people that remain complete strangers to us to this day.

The BF (boyfriend) got really carried away during the planning phase of BFDO#1 and somehow convinced me that it would be fun to play parents for a day.

Ok, maybe not "parents," so much as "Cool uncle and aunt" by kidnapping the two older children in our lives and giving them a whole extra day in the parks before their parents arrived and expected them to do stupid stuff like behave.

Now, choosing to take responsibility for 2 12-year-old kids who are, in reality-- thanks to the miracle of the modern family-- in no way related to either of us, or eachother, is something that only sounds like a good idea when you've been drinking.

Taylor is our "nephew" only because we get tired of trying to explain why he's such a big part of our lives (Taylor's mom has been friends of the BF's family forever,) and Savannah is the BF's sister's husband's oldest daughter from a previous marriage.

Which means that they aren't actually related to either the BF or myself, and since they aren't actually related to eachother either, they can practice flirting with eachother in that bizarre and annoying way that 7th graders practice flirting-- by beating the crap out of each other as an excuse to touch each other while they adamantly insist that they hate each other.

Who's idea was it for us to be responsible for them for a full 24 hours without any backup?

Like many other groups enjoying an outing at a crowded amusement park, we decided to get matching t-shirts.

Now, seeing as how we'd already been through the "how are we going to tell his mother?" panic of losing someone else's kid, we opted for the absolutel most visible t-shirts we could find. So we opted for those intensely flourescent, high-visibility yellow construction worker t-shirts that you can get at places like Orchard Supply Hardware.

Then we figured we'd have a little fun with the shirts, and I made graphics to iron on to the backs of the shirts. Mine, the BF's and Savannah's all said, "I can't believe we have to wear these stupid yellow t-shirts." Taylor's read, "I'm the reason we have to wear these stupid yellow t-shirts."

The shirts were a hit! Our reputation preceded us, Cast members would remark as we went through their lines "HEY! You're the yellow shirt family!" As though we were the subject of much backstage conversation.

While standing in line, people would read our shirts. They'd smile, or guffaw lightly, until they read Taylor's shirt-- then they would ask, "Ok, what did you do?" and Taylor would get to tell the story of his great adventure over and over again, always starting off with, "I didn't lose them, they lost me!"

Two years later, we are now about to venture off on our 2nd BIG FAMILY Disneyland outing. It will, once again, be a big trip with lots of people and, like many families, we considered the importance of being able to recognize members of our party at a glance-- probably at a distance... as they are running in the opposite direction. So we started thinking of ideas for new matching t-shirts.

Taylor and his family will not be making it on this trip. They have other vacation plans this fall. Shame, this time Indiana Jones will be off line, so Wilbur had a chance to make it through the trip without having a melt-down.

So the BF had a great idea, this time we'll wear ridiculously bright orange t-shirts! And the backs will say, "At least this time we don't have to wear those stupid yellow t-shirts." And then we'll take pictures of all of us wearing them and text them to Taylor all day so he knows we're thinking of him, and to rub it in that we're at Disneyland without him.