Friday, June 7, 2013

What the Hell is a WOMBAT?!

In case you haven't figured it out by now, I'm one of those folks who names my vehicles. It was never something I intentionally sat down and thought about when it started. When I started driving, my friends began lovingly referring to Mom's 4 year old Chevy Citation as "the Blue Bullet."
The Real Deal: Wombat

My own first car was a 1985 Nissan Sentra, after several years of being driven by a teenager it becoming the  "Timex car" because it sure as heck took a lickin and kept on tickin.

The next car? A 1991 Hyundai Excel which took 5 years to earn the name "the Tumbleweed of love."

Then the Tonka Toy (1997 Toyota RAV4,) the Ravenous Bugblatter Beast (2002 Nissan Pathfinder,) my beloved "Drippy" (1991 Jeep Cherokee,) and my current Jules-- aka Johnathon Livingston Sentra Rodriguez (2009 Nissan Sentra.)

The names just happen. Except for Drippy, who came with his name.

But then we got motorcycles.

The DR650's didn't take long to earn their names. While recovering from the broken wrist, the BF patched my DR up good and right and by the time I was back on her, she had managed to lose about 2 inches of height. (yay!) The lowering required a shorter kickstand to maintain the proper angle, so the BF ordered a new stock kickstand and had a local welder work his magic with it. Better than new! Except it was now bare metal that needed a coat of paint to prevent rust.

Naturally, I went with pink. I like the just one thing pink on the gray and black bike. So the kickstand is pink and the BF soon took to calling her "Pinkfoot."

He has this entire mythology wrapped around the "Mysterious Pinkfoot," like Sasquatch or something. People are supposed to only semi-notice the pink kickstand and forever talk about did they see that? or did they not?

I doubt Pinkfoot will ever achieve legendary cryptozoological status, but the name has stuck.

Once we decided we would be adding the TW200 to our stable, it just seemed natural that the T-dub would need a more suitable name than "T-Dub."

So I started working with the existing initials "TW" and threw out some ideas:
Terrible Weasel
Terrific Wildebeest
Terrapin Wonder

And Tipsy Wombat.

A tipsy wombat of a different sort.

The BF immediately took to "Tipsy Wombat" and that's what we've been calling it ever since.

Plus, when we load up the Fat Cat and the TW together to take off road, it's really easy to say "Fat Cat and Wombat."

Niece #1 on the Fat Cat... does not go fast enough for her...
oh Lord! I fear she's gonna want a Ducati someday,
thank God she's not MY kid!


Obviously, the BF's bike couldn't be the only one without a name. So now his own DR650 has been dubbed "Dr. James "Jigsaw" Feelgood." I mean, of course it had to a doctor, right?

And, just for the sake of reference, here's a pic of the infamous Honda Fat Cat.

So there you have it. When (if) you're reading through all my motorcycle stories and you find yourself wondering "what the !#*! is a wombat?"  Well, it's an adorable animal from the land of bizarre and adorable animals-- Australia, of course.

But if I'm talking about riding one, I'm referring to my Yamaha TW200:

The Wombat is a 2013 Yamaha TW200. Purchased the day before Easter with .7 miles on the odometer.

I bought it because the Fatcat was so much fun to ride and I told the BF that if the DR was that easy to ride, I'd be more enthusiastic about riding.

Suddenly I had a TW, the next best thing to the Fatcat and street legal-- even if it tops out at about 55 mph! And, indeed, have been enjoying getting through my own break-in period by breaking-in the TW before the DR. So all those "break in" posts refer to the Wombat's and my first 600 miles together. Eventually I'll grow into Pinkfoot too... but I love this little bike!

Tipsy Wombat: TW200

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