Tuesday, December 24, 2013

The Tigger Project

This is how the actual Tigger Project book ended up: 

Oddly enough, City Hall didn't have a "Where's Riley?" pin.

Jesse was amazing for our photos-- she had NO CLUE what we were asking but her expressions were PERFECT!

Tink did NOT understand our project. I almost didn't use our pix of her, but I managed to work it all into the story
-- and, I think, stay true to Tink's personality!

There was some desperate texting back home because we didn't know which princesses she'd met.

Mulan wins our Best Princess prize. She was AWESOME and really got into the idea.

Poor Rapunzel was so confused, but she did a great job of playing along. The Disney photographer working Rapunzel's tower took one look at us and said, "Oh, it's you guys again" and just stood off to the side.

This is my money shot! Aurora and Cinderella were actually headed across the park for a parade line up and couldn't stop for pix and autographs. I got this amazing shot of them as they walked by and then was stoked at being able to work the subsequent photos into my story-- seriously, I'd like to find all these cast members and give them big hugs.

Tigger was in his box for a long time. When she opened the box, he had an empty bottle of chocolate milk, a half eaten box of Goldfish crackers and some Oreo crumbs, a flashlight and a book.

In her book, the facing page has a place to paste a picture of her when she opened the box.

The idea was that after Tigger put himself in the box, he gave the box to Mickey and Minnie to give to us when they saw us at Disneyland: I wish I'd taken the box to Disneyland with us and gotten a photo of Mickey giving us the box. Oh well. It still came out pretty swell.

Naturally, the box in the photos IS the box that Tigger was in, under the tree.

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