Friday, October 10, 2014

Like Bill Bryson with Boobs

Back in March (2014,) the BFF and I started discussing how being grownups has really robbed us of all the time we used to have for backpacking trips. So we started planning a proper backpacking trip, the likes of which we haven't been on since our Skyline to the Sea through the Santa Cruz mountains in 2007. In fact, we decided to have another go at our miserably failed attempt at the portion of the John Muir Trail that runs from Tuolumne Meadows in Yosemite National Park, to Lake Edison in the Sierra National Forest, which we originally tried to hike in 2005.

When I say "our miserably failed attempt," it should be noted that I really mean MY miserably failed attempt. BFF was doing fine.

You can still read the tale of that trail here.

We planned our next attack for August of this year (2014) and this time we decided to invite our menfolk-- and anyone else who was interested.

We don't always invite the boys. Sometimes we just want to get together and enjoy some girl time on the trail. We call these "save the marriage" hikes.

The BF (Boyfriend, not to be confused with the BFF-- "best friend forever") was not entirely keen on being stuck in the wilderness with me and the BFF for a week. He hemmed and hawwed and procrastinated every time I asked if he was going.

He didn't take the time off, and I figured out that this was not is idea of a dream vacation.

But the BFF decided to have surgery just weeks before our hike dates. I say "decided" like she got a boob job-- something she wanted to do, but the hard truth is, we are getting old and things aren't as spry and healthy as they used to be. Her surgery wasn't elective, but it shouldn't have been a big deal, either.

Of course, the BFF can't do anything the easy way. She had to go and have complications during the surgery and damn near die on the table.

Geesh! the lengths some people will go to to get a little attention!

Suffice it to say that BFF's doctor laughed out loud in her face when she inquired about being cleared for the hike.

Meanwhile, I had to decide what I was going to do: Taking time off takes planning and careful rescheduling. I wasn't about to just go back to work. I had to come up with a Plan B Vacation.

I considered doing the hike solo, but if you read that trail journal in the link above, you know I have found that camping alone is kinda boring. Then I decided that a trip to visit the BFF at her South Lake Tahoe home sounded like a pretty good vacation. She was supposed to still be off work from the surgery.

I decided I would celebrate finally achieving my M1 motorcycle license by taking my first big solo ride from my home in Visalia, CA to hers in Tahoe. That oughta make for a great trip and some good stories when I got back to work.

Naturally, in the comedic manner of pretty much all plans with the BFF over our 28 years of friendship-- she ended up going back to work just before my vacation began.

I still took the bike, I still went to visit her, but instead of hanging out for a week at her cabin-- I spent the rest of my time off riding the bike to Yellowstone National Park and back. All by my lonesome.

When I got home, I set about the tedious process of typing it all up for the various forums and blogs I keep up with.

That's when my friend, Cindy, walked into my door one day and said, "I dare you to write a book!"

I looked at the text document I was working on and realized I had already typed 18,000 words of the story and hadn't even gotten to the beginning yet.

I promptly retrieved the gauntlet that Cindy had so carelessly tossed in my direction-- challenge accepted.

So that's what I'm doing.

Spoiler Alert: Nothing particularly interesting happened on the trip. So I have to rely on my wit, articulation, and mad story telling skills to make it entertaining. The good news? I've been complemented many times on my writing-- being compared to legends like Bill Bryson and P.G. Wodehouse. Not bad company for a girl, huh? So maybe there's hope for the book afterall.