Monday, May 4, 2015

More Boobs, Less Bill Bryson

My hard drive is full of stock photos of hot guys-- SUCH a tough job.
It all went downhill from there, let me tell ya.

I worked for weeks to write up that giant ride report and put it all together in a coherent fashion that I thought might be entertaining for folks to read as an ebook.

Then I got it in my head to to actually do some research on self publishing ebooks and see what the odds were of actually making anything resembling a profit from the project.

That's how I stumbled into a nest of indie author forums and found myself lured into a clandestine side career as an illicit erotica writer.

Oh my.

I know, right?

It was just too tempting. I was following along with the earnings reports of several other writers who were doing it, salivating over sales graph-porn from their Amazon Kindle Publishing dashboards, then I started reading some of the titles that were making these people all this money and naturally, I got to thinking, "PFT, I can do this."

So I started doing it.

And I started making money.

Not "all this money" money like some of the authors I've been following, but enough to nicely compliment my current income and fund several future motorcycle miles.

Of course, that's when my regular business BOOMED. Now I don't have enough time to handle the salon clients, the trashy romance writing, AND still get away for epic motorcycles trips.

It's so hard to be good at stuff. (She cried dramatically with her hand to her forehead.)

Anyway-- point is. I never did write that awesome trip report up as an ebook. I'll eventually post it here and on my  moto forums (ADVrider and Pashnit) for free amusement.

Maybe I'll add spicy sex scenes to it and make it an epic erotica novel? Yeah...that's it. That's the ticket. (rubs hand together greedily)

And NO! I am NOT telling you my pen name.

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  1. Hi, I just finished your ride report on ADV..I'm not registered so I couldn't leave a comment there.
    But I am right there with the other folks. It's now 4 A.M and your story has kept me reading your writing is very entertaining..and FUN!....
    When you get back to LOLO PASS stop At the hot springs, they have a campground and WiFi, at least till the campground lady closes-up.
    Don't stay on a weekend or a holiday. The last time I did those Snarly-Davidson riders partied all night long.